Artist Bio:

Ellen Lane attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, UW Milwaukee, and studied photography and graphics at Milwaukee Technical College, which led to 12 years as a professional photographer and multi-media producer.

She has studied with international artists Fritz Scholder, Nathan Oliveira, and George Herms. Lane also has a series of dimensional works: both collage and assemblages incorporating non-traditional materials along with her sophisticated painting skills.

Ellen Lane has exhibited widely, and her award-winning artworks are in collections throughout the United States and Europe. Her paintings are published in the books, "The Best of Acrylic Paintings", and "Portrait Inspirations" and "Living Artists 13".


On her work:

My work is a contemporary statement worn by the elements. I am interested in texture with hidden images, movement and age. I love discarded old things, deserted places and damp basements… stones and cracked walls overgrown with nature… mysterious places where wild animals live.

I start out with a vague plan of what materials or media I want to use and then I let them arrange themselves. My work is many times layered and often changes radically from the beginning to the end piece. I just keep working on something until it tells me it’s finished.

-- Ellen Lane